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It is worth mentioning that Alsawsanah Company for Construction and Real Estate Investment has relied on the combination of the future vision and the safe planning in investment. The company took into account the changes are taking place in the real estate work through a comprehensive development services with taking into consideration the modern spirit of design. Our policy depends on exerting more time in-depth studies of the projects which guarantees and ensures to our customer long term of positive investment. Also, it depends on clear principles and holistic view during the construction period… As a result, we succeed making the dreams and expectations of our customers to come true.

Alsawsanah Company is considered a leading company in the field of construction and real estate investment in Turkey owned by Eng. Emad Eddin Salim Salama. In addition, it is an extension to our companies in Saudi Arabia and Palestine where the beginning of our company Rokun Sanabel Electro Mechanical Contracting as of 2003 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its headquarter in Riyadh. We were keen to develop our services to achieve the integration of completion and to keep the satisfaction of our customers in the top of our priorities. In this context, we were executing all electromechanical works for buildings as well as operating and maintenance. Therefore, we have gained the sufficient experience through variety of unique projects that we took over its execution and follow up. Moreover, we pursue to develop our works to reach the best expected levels where to keep the uniqueness of the name of our company in the world of real estate development in all locations of our companies. Thank you for your cooperation and appreciated trust.

Under the modern architectural boom and the growing of demand for housing and increasing the real estate projects, there is an urgent need for unique projects that satisfy the tastes of people looking for excellence.
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